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Connected Future Labs - An NYC-based interdisciplinary R&D consulting group. Circuit design, algorithms, app development, data visualization.

UCLA Miniscope Project -  Wide field fluorescence imaging to capture neural activity during behavior (Golshani, Silva and Khakh labs, UCLA). 

Neuropixels - High density probes out of UCL

Sanworks - Assembly of open source neuroscience instruments.

KiloSort - Open source software developed to sort high density electrophysiology recordings using template matching (developed by Cortex Lab, K. Harris @ UCL).

Phy - Open source software for analysis and visualization of neurophysiology data (developed by The Cortex Lab, K. Harris @ UCL).

OpenMaze - Learn how to design and build fully functional animal behavioral setups rapidly, cheaply, and easily.

Lab Rigger - Open source solutions for research. Contribute your trick!

OpenEphys - open source electrophysiology

Spectrum Viewer - Excitation/ Emission spectra

Lab Maker - Neuroscience tools from the open source community

Molecular Probes Handbook - Fluorescent labeling and detection resource

Society for Neuroscience - Advancing the understanding of the brain and nervous system

Optogenetics Resource -  K. Deisseroth's lab (Stanford)

KlustaSuite - Open source software for automatic spike sorting

Fiber Photometry - Fiber photometry for imaging long-range projections