Friday 9/27 CNC Seminar - Salvatore Dura-Bernal, 10am

Data-driven multiscale modeling of cortical circuits, Salvatore Dura-Bernal (SUNY Downstate Medical Center)

The Graduate Center (34th St. & 5th Ave), Room 6304.01, 10-11:30am


Salvatore Dura-Bernal’s research focuses on understanding cortical circuits through large-scale biophysically-detailed simulations on supercomputers. He has developed the most detailed model of mouse primary motor cortex (M1) circuits by integrating experimental data available at multiple scales -- molecules, neurons, networks and systems. The model provides insights into cortical dynamics, physiological oscillations, information flow and molecular neuromodulatory mechanisms, which has helped develop new hypotheses and guide experimentation. He also developed a software tool ( for multiscale modeling of brain circuits. It has already been used worldwide in over 20 labs, to train students and to investigate different brain regions and phenomena. The tool can help to better understand neural brain function and disorders, and aid in developing novel pharmacological or neurostimulation treatments.